Western academic research into the
Asian culture

Academic thinking meets Asia

ITAS combines Anglo-American system with the philological thoroughness characteristic of European universities. The curriculum is orientated towards the European student and incorporates the training of translators and support doctorate training and scientists.


Cultural borders are crossed
in a positive way


Founded in 2003, ITAS focuses on Tibetan, as well as Indian
and other East Asian languages, philosophies and culture.


All our teachers have degrees in Tibetology, Indology,
Sinology, Buddhist Studies or Philosophy.


Students, like the teachers, come from a variety of different

Our philosophy

Top offer: Language

Language and thinking go together. In the area of Asian languages this means that whoever masters the language system can really understand the complex cultures and philosophies that lie behind them.

Why we’re backing Tibetan

Tibetan and Asian philosophical texts can only really be understood in-depth when studied in their original language. Tibet was influenced by both India and China. So even though it’s enough to know about Tibet if we’re looking at Tibetan culture, we also need Pali and Sanskrit if we want to research the philosophy. Furthermore, many of the original Indian texts are only available in Tibetan and Chinese translations.

Why we’re backing Tibetan

ITAS combines the pragmatism and effectiveness of an Anglo-American university system with the linguistic precision characteristic of the continental universities. It also addresses the development of a new domain of knowledge. 

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